My First Live Jazz Band

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When I was younger, I thought jazz was just coffee shop music that I need not toncern myself with. It was relaxing but at the level of white noise to me. It was not until that I listened to my first live jazz band where I experienced just how awesome the music and these musicians aere. Another reason for my paradigm shift was the person that brought me to that event.

She was the musical type, she had a bit of a hipster vibe, but she was also down to earth and very kind. You might have already guessed it, she was my first love. She was from Canada, we met through an event of something we had in common, but it’s totally unrelated to the story so that we won’t be talking about that.

We were only together for a few weeks, but I got to know a lot about her. She played the Saxophone and had played all over Europe, nothing big though just small events and cafes. One night she forced me to go to a little jazz event I had never heard about and allowed me to taste what it means to enjoy a night out and just enjoy the music.

The Girl on the Saxophone

When we got to the venue, I thought we were only there to listen and have a few drinks, which we did for a little while. To my surprise, she was suddenly called to the small stage, or rather corner, to play. The light hit her perfectly, it was at that moment that I realized that she lived in a world very different from mine; she had a burning passion for her music, a love for jazz that was infectious, it was mesmerizing!

From the very beginning, though I had strong feelings about her, I always knew that we would part ways sooner or later, not because I wanted to but because we were young, full of hopes and dreams very different from each other. Our paths might have intersected at that time, but by the end of her trip I knew that a fork on the road would separate us, and though we might have corresponded with each other, and might even meet at a crossroad… but we would walk different paths.

The night ended with me finding a new love in my life, not a person, but music. As she sat in front of me I realized that she had forever changed a part of me, her personality and music touched me in a way that I never thought possible. We continued seeing each other until the day that she needed to continue with her trip, and it was exactly how I thought it would end, that we needed to separate on that fork on the road.

I was wrong about one thing, though; she left me a parting gift; she shared her love for jazz. To this day, whenever I go to a live event, I can still see the girl on the saxophone on stage.